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Bringing The Troops Home…To Saudi Arabia

Black On Both Sides
Bringing The Troops Home...To Saudi Arabia

Episode #62 Kunta turns 40 and the show shows its more mature side. Nah, actually the show still leans heavily against Trump. Kunta takes this week to key in on Syria. Pelosi gets a zinger that even I can’t deny. It’s rare that someone has a better quip than Trump. But her “bring the troops home” come-back was priceless.

Speaking of priceless, this letter to the Turkish President was ridiculous. So ridiculous that the president of turkey is said to have balled it up and thrown it away. Meanwhile they put a pause on bombing the Kurds. Not a cease fire.

So, now there is now a whistle blower working on Trump’s side? Allegedly, he is saying that his boss at CNN has been forcing his journalists to lean very heavy against Trump and many employees are upset.

Bringing The Troops Home…To Saudi Arabia #BOBS062

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