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Breast Pumping For Pleasure #TNNS233

Breast Pumping For Pleasure #TNNS233

Carmella is back on the show at a perfect time in Jaye Smooth's discovery of his new self. Jamie and I are still skeptical, but if anyone can get the real Jaye Smooth to open up...It is Carmella. He lays out his celibacy plan once again with a new wrinkle. He plans to masturbate as much as possible. This will allow him to focus on what is important...A woman's mind and soul. Even if he has to rent a breast pump from his local hospital to provide mouth like suction, he is determined to stick to his guns. He wants to get to know his future bride for her worth prior to having sex. Obviously, this is more difficult when there is a woman in the room. He squirms and twists into a hybrid of new and old Jaye Smooth. It is only fitting that we twist him a little more.

Jaye Smooth also wants to chastise us for not voting. He plans to carry his daughter to the voting booth to give her a good picture of the election process. Everyone else on the show is tired of the BS and just wants to stay home in protest of the whole situation. Why is it that black people will try to get you to boycott Walmart and Target on Black Friday to prove solidarity and unwillingness to support. But when it is time to vote, they change the plan. Figure out what you want.

Carmella is a great guest, she brings topics with her. She has noticed a huge gap in the double standards between men and women. The age-old independent woman doesn't need a man. OR does she? Carmella is sick of the double standard and everything that trickles down from there....


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