My Boss Is Half My Age #TNNS322

My Boss Is Half My Age #TNNS322

Jamie Mack noticed a white kid got killed by police and wants to find out if anybody is going to the protest. Oh wait, no protest? Jamie Mask thinks this is because the victim may not have been a victim in his eyes. For one, the victim had a knife. He also seemed to be yelling at the cop to kill him. I’m not sure it is necessary to kill someone with a knife. Seems like you could handle that without deadly force.

UPDATE: There actually was a protest while we were recording this episode.

French Reggy thinks that the person didn't get a protest for their death because the cop didn’t kill him because he was transgendered. Did I mention that he was transgendered? Okay. Plot twist…SHE was. Reggy thinks the reason why black people get protests is because white cops kill black people just because they are black. I’m not sure I agree with that either.

Jamie Mack also wants to know how comfortable we would be with having a boss that was much, much younger than us. For instance, three out of four of us are in our early 40’s. French Reggy is in his early 20’s. Would we be okay having Reggy as our boss? I’m not sure. He would have to be extremely qualified to ever earn my respect. Because of that, working for him may be an issue. In the military, it is commonplace to see a young officer fresh from candidate school come in to a situation where he leads a team of seasoned enlisted men. That isn't going to work in the civilian world.

Jaye Smooth wants to talk about hard times. He has had to sleep in his car on many occasions. He wasn’t homeless. It’s just that he had been out creeping with some woman and didn't want to drive all the way home and then back to work. Moral of the story is don’t date women that live close to your job unless you can spend the night. The real question is why couldn't you spend the night???...


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