Blow The Whistle Like 6-9

Blow The Whistle Like 6-9
Black On Both Sides

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Episode #58 Even though my Falcons didnt win this week, we manage to get through a football conversation thanks to the flamboyant Wide Receiver combo. OBJ and AB made news again. Sadly, AB is on his way out…forever. Too bad OJ didnt get to him in time.

Space Jam 2 is in production and guess who is following in the original classy guys footsteps? Lebron. Is proving to be more like the A-hole that is Jordan everyday. What happens when Bron loses the cover of being a good guy? Do we care as long as he wins?

There were two snitches in the news this week. 69 has made it his job to personally tie everyone he knows up into his conspiracy charges. Meanwhile, Trump is being accused of requesting an foreign leader to dig up dirt on the Bidens. Apparently, there is someone just waiting to blow that whistle.

Blow The Whistle Like 6-9 #BOBS058

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