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Blacks Are Not As Capable As Other Races #TNNS47


If you would prefer to not listen to the whole letter being read you can click the link below to read the article and then skip ahead. The letter starts at 6:40 and is completed at around 20:10.

Jaye Smooth starts the show off with an introspective vision of how fast life goes by. The message is separated by the word “man”. In fact, he says the word man at least 176 times in the first 5 minutes.

B Honest starts off by reading the lengthy op-ed article written by Michael Smith (a Mid-Western public defender) detailing his opinion of black people in the United States. He opines that black people as a whole are not compassionate, empathetic, intelligent, or well spoken.

Odell interrupts to give his understanding and acceptance of the ideas that the author is expressing in the article. Odell has been in the presence of the people being talked about in the article. He hates to admit it, but in his opinion, it is an accurate retelling.

Initially, O Dubb also agrees or at least sees parallels with his idea of how he views black people in this country.

Jamie Mack adamantly disagrees with the author. He accurately recognizes that black people have as high a capacity for comprehension as any other race. Black people are just as intelligent and well spoken. He thinks that the black people that the author has come into contact with have been beaten by the system for so long that they now strike back with the same lack of empathy that was offered them. Beyond that, if this public defender has their lives in his hands, any questioning or apprehension should be welcomed and understood.

B Honest thinks the author's worldview is skewed based on the type of people that he is surrounded by. He feels as though the biggest reason for this author and other nonblacks developing this opinion of black people is due to the inability or unwillingness of black people to differentiate themselves from thugs. Websites like World Star Hip Hop blur the lines as to which black person is a thug and which one is just a really cool law-abiding citizen. Without an indicator, the viewer cannot discern which is which from sight alone.

Jaye Smooth thinks that this is the same racial profiling that destroys the policing of neighborhoods.

What we do know is that this is not an anomaly. There are many Americans that feel this way. This cannot go unchallenged. There is evidence of systemic oppression. Mark Ciaverella Jr was sentenced to almost 30 years for his part in sending black kids to prison even when they weren’t guilty. Even more, the school system, job market, and just general day to day intolerance shows that black Americans do not start on level playing ground with nonblacks.

Either way, I am sure that you agree with at least one person on this show in some way. For those that you don’t agree with, please send us a comment....


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