Black Rebel Without A Cause #TNNS302

Episode #302

Jamie Mack is not sure that we have historically guided our children into jobs that mean something. When was the last time you showed your kid how fulfilling it is to be upper management at the local water park? Probably never even crossed your mind. We teach our kids to get a degree and get a good job. But which degree? Which job?

I saw a video that was a sales video for knowing a black customer in the 1950s. But that isn’t how it was chopped up for Facebook. The 50-second video clip that was uploaded to Facebook caused anger in me. I felt dumb for what the video was showing me about how we were viewed in the 50s. I decided to go to YouTube and find the whole video. Surprise, the narrative that was sold on Facebook was not exactly what the message was when put in context. What began as a dig at black people that buy things like Jordan’s turned into my need to press the brakes on the revolution brewing. We really need to filter out what we will riot over, especially when it is sold in noncontextual chunks.

Having freaky sex is great. Your kids finding out that you have freaky sex is awful. Jamie Mack and Mrs. Mack left out a tube of lube for their daughter to find. What do you do now? Do you have the conversation with your kids? Or do you pretend it never happened? Let us tell you ‘bout the birds and the bees.



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