Black People Lost Their Place In The Complaint Line #TNNS310

Black People Lost Their Place In The Complaint Line #TNNS310

Jamie Mack wants to know what scares us most in the world. The other hosts rattle off things like Global Warming, The IRS, getting sent back to Haiti. But honestly, after you get past the woods, dogs, and the ocean…what else should black men be afraid of? Are black people still afraid of dogs? Anyway, I take a stand this week and let you know that the only thing you should fear is god. If for no other reason, because he wants you to.

Fight video from the show:

French Reggy feels like his place as a black man in the complaint line is getting usurped by gay rights. Whatever happened to the good old days when black people could complain and the ground shook? What happened to the days when being called the N word was enough to force a company to pay you millions in a settlement. No, no…we want to be the most marginalized group in America. Too bad, there is another crew that has earned the first chair. French Reggy thinks that Colin Kaepernick would have been better served by saying he was gay instead of just being black.

I want everyone to know that you can’t trust yourself because your brain is just guessing. That’s right. More times than we would like to admit, our brain is just guessing about all of the things we are experiencing. Sure your eyes allow you to take in light. But they aren’t responsible for actually seeing anything. Our brain interprets the electrical impulses and tells us that a thing is a thing. Our brain has truly never seen the thing it is saying that we see. So if we see something that is close to the other thing we saw…Who is to say our brain doesn't just accept it as the same thing? Weird....


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