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Black On Black Lives Matter

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Black On Black Lives Matter

The No Nonsense Show Episode #603

Jamie Mack is still unsure why masks are useful and definitely why they are required in day to day interactions. So we must break down the logistical data behind how a mask can prevent you from getting any virus.

Baylor the Great joins us to Fatten Jaye Up With Knowledge.

Weeks have passed. Countless protests and rallies have occurred. Meanwhile Chicagoans encountered another bloody Father’s Day Weekend. 14 dead and over 100 people shot. Sadly, the cops had nothing to do with this massacre. Black on black crime rages on unchecked. At some point during all of the protests, we need to have a few people break off and address the issues in cities like Chicago all over the nation. Do black lives matter? Absolutely! Do they matter to black people? Now there is a debate.

Here is the link I promised you in the show:

Black On Black Lives Matter #TNNS603

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