You are currently viewing Black Lives Only Matter To The People Yelling It #TNNS104 with guest O Dubb

Black Lives Only Matter To The People Yelling It #TNNS104 with guest O Dubb

No panties with a tampon string showing
Michelle Obama is not a man. But Jamie is still not hitting it
The biggest tsunami since The Rock starred in San Andreas
Black Protest: An exercise in futility

We start the show off talking about a Vine video where a girl is dancing in the club with no panties on and a tampon string plainly showing. Do you let this woman dance on you like she was dancing on the guy in the video?
O Dubb begins to defend himself to Snowflake about his sexual exploits. He decides to take it up in person at the podcast party.
Michelle Obama is not a man. This is the most ridiculous theory out there. Even still, Jamie Mack thinks she is too masculine for his tastes.
Next, we talk about the reports of the biggest tsunami and earthquake in US history that will kill hundreds of thousands along the northwest border of the country. Are you going to move? Is this propaganda? Is this a government-backed thing? Any similarities to Katrina or Trade Center Crash?
As usual, I use any opportunity to bash Christianity by comparing the belief in this world disaster and being safe just in case, to people believing in God because it doesn’t hurt to believe. Jaye Smooth uses this as an opportunity to allow others to think for him. Silly Christian!!!
Last we talk about black protest on the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. How does Black Lives Matter play into this? What is the best way to combat the system? Are white people held to the same standards? I take a few moments to show my frustration with all protests. Is it futile to fight a system that is not set up to provide equality for us?



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