You are currently viewing Black Kids Are To Basketball As Indian Kids Are To Math #TNNS87

Black Kids Are To Basketball As Indian Kids Are To Math #TNNS87

Our favorite listener calls in to speak on whether or not print watching is a popular sport for women. Kit stops by to give her side of it once again. We finally get her to admit why this is not a simple pastime.

No Nonsense Trivia focuses on 90’s Rap. Kit vs Jaye Smooth. Kit was barely alive in the 90s.

Next, we discuss Racism vs Stereotypes vs Generalizations. Is there such a thing as healthy racism? Can we justify our prejudices by how violent or committed we are to them? Are black people good at sports? Are Indians good at math? Is this offensive?

Last we discuss a video we found online where a woman sprayed a Burger King employee with pepper spray. After begin convicted, the judge decided to try a new and creative method of punishment. The convicted could do 30 days in jail or be pepper sprayed by the victim. What? We discuss this method of punishment and if this is something we would be willing to buy into....


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