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Bite You When I Beat You

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Bite You When I Beat You

The No Nonsense Show Episode #680

If you thought Jaye Smooth’s fight record was impressive, you didn’t know about Young Regg. He is sitting at an impressive 5 and 1. He is known in his middle and high school as a killer. The type of dude who offers no mercy. Even when he is winning he will do something outlandish to let you know he is beating you. Kick, stomp, BITE!

Now that I have been working from home, I have noticed where all of the pandemic relief money is going. There isn’t a day in my surrounding area where people are hanging out and living life to the fullest. Hanging out on restaurant patios. Taking in some sun. Not thinking about work. With 60,000 evictions now pending in the Greater Atlanta Area, I am betting the Best Life Mentality is soon to come to an end.

French tries to get into a topic about a man that identifies as a woman and went to a nude spa and had his pee pee out, but O Dubb stopped through to tell us some stories. Have you heard the one about the heterosexual man that designs homosexual toys? Not yet? Then please tune in.

Bite You When I Beat You #TNNS680

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