You are currently viewing Birth Of The Smoothies, Death To Reason #TNNS123 with O Dubb

Birth Of The Smoothies, Death To Reason #TNNS123 with O Dubb

Raven Symone is dark white
Birth of the Smoothies
Kids tried as adults
When keeping it real goes wrong

We discuss Raven Symone and her inability to fit into black culture. We discuss racial identity through colors. I am settling for off-white. Me and O Dubb both agree….”F*$# black people”. Black people seem to always be worried about what somebody else is doing. Almost like they are just sitting around waiting to be offended by something. O Dubb further proves that he has ADHD.

O Dubb and I battle in No Nonsense Trivia. Jaye Smooth exposes me for not being as smart as I think I am.

Jaye Smooth and O Dubb argue about timepiece quality.

Jaye Smooth gives an acceptance speech to being elected leader of the Smoothies.

Next, we discuss the 11 year old that decided it was best to shoot the 8 year old girl who would not allow him to pet her puppy. Is this a reason for stricter gun control laws? Should the parents receive the charge? Should kids ever be tried as adults?

Last we discuss one of O Dubb’s girlfriends. She dropped the bomb on him that she actually had a boyfriend. O Dubb couldn’t care less. He flipped it on her because she has been trying to woo him into a serious relationship. He told her to have at it and she got mad.



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