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Big Mad

The No Nonsense Show Episode #633

Curmudgeons come in! It's been a long time since I had to almost break up a fight. Yet, here we are once again. Topic hating is today's only real topic.

Smooth starts it off with a conversation about some girl he may ior may not be dealing with. We walk around in a circle for a bit (Mack's eyes were closed so he could focus). Smooth felt the shade but tucked it away.

Mack talks about the importance of a plug. He also walks around in a circle for a few minutes. Smooth spots his chance and grabs the gun. As usual, "Ain't No Fun When The Rabbit Got The Gun". Mack's feels the shade and tucks it away.

French Reggy starts down his topic about women not being the marrying type any more in chase of a onlyfans page. It didn't matter what his topic was, Jamie mack was salivating with his knife and fork to pounce on the young one.

What ensues is a good old dust up like the one in the cartoons where you can see anything clearly. All you see is a big ball of dirt with a leg or arm poking out every now and again.

Just like old times. My Day Ones know what I'm talking about.

Big Mad #TNNS633

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