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Beet Booty

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Beet Booty

The No Nonsense Show Episode #675

Jamie Mack was in a beet mood. Is that a thing? I don’t think so, but he had far too many beets. The next day his poop was a bloody mess. Not bloody…beety. He saw this and began his hypochondriatic episode. He called his wife and the nurse line to find out how long he had to live. Turns out he just had Beeturia. Even as I typed that I fully expected to have the little red line tell me that this wasn’t a word. It is! He isn’t dying. This is just a case of the Beet Booty.

I am so sick of the people that just use phrases they heard on social media. For instance, have you ever seen someone write “upmost”? They actually mean utmost, but since they have never actually seen the word spelled in a book or editorial (because they don’t read). Well, I speak to all of our listeners who don’t read. I want to prepare you for the world. I give you phrases that people usually mess up.

Reggy wants to discuss being in a real life Oedipus type situation. You fall in love with your blood sister that you have never met. Madly in love, you guys decide to do a DNA test and learn your history. Do you continue on with the love of your life or become the closest brother and sister in history?

Mack is wondering what happens when you lose interest in sex. At this point, sex is the most important thing to him. He can’t imagine someone substituting another thing in place of sex. Is this him recognizing his age and what happens when Mackzilla turns into a regular lizard? I am visualizing the Geico geco.

Beet Booty #TNNS675

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