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The No Nonsense Show Episode #602

Did any of you know that French Reggy was a J Cole Stan? I didn't either. But on this episode, he proclaims it...right after he sells women out. I know that he has been a feminist for a lot of weeks on the show. Seems like since he came back from China, he has been embracing his internal feminine essence, but someone came for Cole. And now all bets are off. Oh yeah, and we discuss woke, fake woke, and the fallout of criticizing black women.

Someone named Ghetto Queen has no respect for men. This includes the one she is married to. I just want to know under what circumstances would you allow your significant other to go out to one last dinner with their ex? Any conditions? Any circumstances?

French Reggy got his Jaye Smooth on at a party recently. Although, his ex cut buddy was there with her soon to be fiancé, it didn't stop Reggy from ponging her beer.

Beer Pong Pimp #TNNS602

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