Basic Bitch

Basic Bitch

The No Nonsense Show Episode #622

You cannot focus on more than one thing at once. There is no such thing as multi-tasking. Well, unless you are a cyborg. Jamie Mack offers that he can drive and roll a blunt.

Jaye Smooth admits to being gay for attention. Every so often he professes his love for Mack. How far is playing gay from being gay? Smooth thinks I am basic because my clothes are out of season.

Many people want many things. And black people are all Kings and Queens. You have been taught not to settle. You deserve the best. Meh...I beg to differ. I believe that most people don't even qualify for what they want.

French brings evidence that Corona is only responsible for 6% of the deaths attributed to Corona. So why has our life changed so much? I don't care what perspective you look at this from, something is amiss.

Basic Bitch #TNNS622

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