Barack Can Say It, But White People Still Can’t #TNNS92

Barack Can Say It, But White People Still Can’t #TNNS92

BPU can't we all jsut get along
just starting the race war
Barack says "nigga"
Prison marriages

 We start the show off talking about how seemingly positive black people can’t get along. Even in the Black Podcasters United Group, arguments ensue from a surprisingly divisive topic. How in the hell does Rachel Dolezel split so many black people apart? The main idea here is that even if we disagree on Rachel Dolezel being the antichrist, Lets agree to disagree and focus on the things we do agree about. This way we can continue our relationship and carry on progress.
 Next we talk about Charleston, South Carolina and Roof’s attempt to start The Race War. This combined with why South Carolina until today still flew the Confederate Flag. Jon Stewart has a very honest opinion about how white people play into this tragedy.
 Our own Mark Moran (we podcasters)  interviews the President. Barack Obama makes a very strong point that people censoring themselves from saying the word N***er does not mean racism is dead. We are very proud that The President validated podcasting as a viable means to disseminate information. Thank you, Mark! Thank you, Barack!
Last we visit the idea of being an inmate and convincing a free woman to fall in love with us and marry us. Is this type of thing possible or is this just another one of Jamie Mack’s Ol School hustles about how much game he has?...


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