You are currently viewing Bad Kids Can Get It Too (Resource Officer Style) #TNNS128

Bad Kids Can Get It Too (Resource Officer Style) #TNNS128

Halloween with the weirdos
Never Fly Spirit
Slamming kids with no remorse

First, we talk about Halloween in the smokiest city in the world. Esses with confidence, fighter pilots with confidence, and a gang of women with confidence. Asses were out everywhere and every costume was a sexy version of something. Ladies, please be more creative with your costume next year.

Mack partied in Atlanta but saw the same level of F*&@ery. Every outfit could give these women a yeast infection.

Jaye Smooth wants to talk about his awful flight back on Spirit Airlines. This should be a warning to all people to never fly cheap if you can help it.

Jaye Smooth gets in over his head in Vegas with the wrong terminology on the Craps table. He puts on a clinic on how to lose money fast. High, Lo, Yo!

Shouts Outs (Vegas Edition)!

Last we talk about the student in South Carolina who was body slammed and the students in Chicago that were harassing the substitute teacher. Should they have been slammed also?
I am just wondering who is supporting the teachers? We are so quick to rush to the girl who got slammed and we are blaming the teacher for not stepping up? What sense does this make? At what point do we do an audit and write off some of these kids? We need to fix the root cause by starting at the root....


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