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Baby Steps To Success with TJ Chapman #Rule40

The 90/10 Rule
Baby Steps To Success with TJ Chapman #Rule40


Crossing over is a sensitive subject for most urban artists. It means access to new fans, new opportunities for endorsements, and overall broader success. However, this comes at the cost of neighborhood acceptance. This year’s Golden Globes 9shed new light on today’s new regime of urban music when Donald Glover thanked the Migos. What does this say of their success and of their future?

Guest, TJ Chapman (TJs DJs, B.O.B., K Camp, Scotty ATL) joins us to discuss being authentic and promotes his Facebook live.

Every artists has to start somewhere. Most artists are already claiming successes that they have yet to earn. We want to dig into what an artist can do this month; This week; today. Let’s talk about baby steps but only after you know exactly where you are now.

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