B-Honest Was Fun Before Marriage #TNNS342

B-Honest Was Fun Before Marriage #TNNS342

Jamie Mack couldn't be here for this episode, but Kit Honest jumped on the mic to support her man. Jaye Smooth brings up Thanksgiving a week late. What are we thankful for? Of course, our premium subscribers. Jaye Smooth drunk dialed us for the holiday. We reminisce about when I was fun. Back before Kit stole my joy. I was the party starter. So a few weeks ago, I got drunk at the club and turned all the way up.

Speaking of being out drinking, I want to know what any of us have done to deserve salvation? Salvation seems so important. It seems like you would need to do something important to get access to the kingdom. Write into the show and let us know why you deserve a place on the rooftop. Mister J joins us and tells us the story that proves he is worthy.

French Reggy wants to know if tradition is part of America's problem. For a country that pretends it was great at one point, you would think the traditions put the common man above the aristocrat; Diversity above segregation; Democracy above capitalism. But no, we are a country of messed up traditions and some of those are die-hard.



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