B Honest Is A Weekend Prince #TNNS89 with guests Kit and AD

B Honest Is A Weekend Prince #TNNS89 with guests Kit and AD

Commercials are artistic works of the devil
Female Viagra
Loaning money to family and friends

Jamie Mack starts the show off talking about how commercials are the devil. He feels bombarded by the influence that he is being subjected to. Is there an agenda to control your thoughts, wants, and needs? Of course, there is. B Ho, est feels bombarded by his wife wearing a bonnet to bed. Sex drive gone!!!
Next we discuss female viagra. Do women need this? What does it do? Doe staking these types of things effect your body’s natural ability to produce anything? This pill apparently increases sex drive also. If you are a woman and you work all day, then come home and cook, clean, and take care of kids…how do you have time and energy for sex???? Pop this pill.
Last we discuss loaning money to people. What is this situation like when the borrower is a close friend or family member? What are your limits when loaning money to these types of people? Can you even consider turning these types of loans into gifts without remorse?...


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