You are currently viewing B Honest Is Funnier Than The Other Guys #TNNS277

B Honest Is Funnier Than The Other Guys #TNNS277

B Honest Is Funnier Than The Other Guys #TNNS277

O Dubb is back for the Friday show. We try again to get him into the Slack Room again. The first problem is that you can’t put Slack on a flip phone. The second is that he can’t put any apps on his computer. Porn has infected his computer with too many viruses. The Slack will remain O Dubb free.

Jaye Smooth opens up about his need to be the star of the show again. He allows O Dubb to be his co-star out of intimidation. O Dubb breaks down who the funniest person is on the show. I really feel like I am the funniest person on the show. Since I create the show notes, we are going with that. In fact, I may make that the title of this episode. I am now IMMORTALIZED!

I want to talk about my son traveling to South Africa and how Apartheid has really never ended there. These people are living in dire conditions. From shanty towns where people have priced possession tires that double as a sofa to A city of only “colored people” (this is the term for any mixed race person). The funny thing is that everyone there is happy. No personal belongings but happier than Jaye Smooth in a dildo testing facility.

Jamie Mack wants to talk about loved ones losing their mind. How would we care for them after the marbles are gone? Everyone is pretty clear about helping out…except for Jaye Smooth. He is immediately putting his loved one in a home. Pay attention Smoothies. And Smoothies, are you still willing to support this lame?

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