B Honest Is More Christian Than Most Christians #TNNS169

B Honest Is More Christian Than Most Christians #TNNS169

B Honest Is More Christian Than Most Christians #TNNS169


Jamie Mack wants to know how old your kid would have to be for you to feel comfortable having sex with a woman their age. Confused? So were we. If your kid is 30, would it be okay to have sex with a woman that is also 30? Believe it or not Jaye Smooth begins down the high road until we present a scenario he couldn’t refuse.

The congregation has spoken. They think B Honest is far more Christian than most Christians. However, he is still not changing his religious preference on his dog tag (NORELPREF). Jaye Smooth puts in his protest but then as we start to expose his dirty laundry, he runs back to his place of safety.

Next, we tried to discuss why women make less than men. But Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth hijacked my topic before it even got started. They had a tennis match about women not being in the homes. The result is a generation of half raised young adults. I got out of the way and gave the two of them time to speak their points.

Last Jaye Smooth presents the scenario where you learn after several years of marriage and trying to have a kid, that your wife is sterile. How would you handle this? Leave or stay, the relationship is definitely different.

Due to lack of substance, We get through that topic pretty quickly. I want to talk about me backing out of my diet. I didn’t stop altogether but have reintroduced a little meat into my diet. Everything is better now that I am back to food with parents....


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