You are currently viewing Atlanta’s Legendary Penis #TNNS219

Atlanta’s Legendary Penis #TNNS219

Atlanta's Legendary Penis #TNNS219

Jaye Smooth is placed on injured reserve. So O Dubb falls through to take up the slack. As usual, the slack is taken all the way up. We do get Jaye Smooth on the phone for a little while just to check on him. Just in case you haven't heard, Jaye Smooth injured himself during last week's adult basketball league game. It is really bad too. he is going to need surgery.

Jamie Mack intended on talking about given names and how attached we are to them. What do names even mean, and are we willing to give them up? It isn't long before we lose this topic in the wind.

Instead, we get into many things including accidentally spotting a print, catching dudes looking at us, women wanting 14 inches until they see 14 inches, and the technicalities of editing gay porn.

Before we leave, we listen to listener feedback and discuss our favorite game from elementary school. T.Y. phones in and shows love and asks how he can donate to the show. We don't hate help, so we have provided a donate button on the website for our listeners to click and support. Thank you T.Y. and everyone else who wants to support....


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