You are currently viewing Asians Hate Black People #TNNS115

Asians Hate Black People #TNNS115

George Bush is now the 9/11 savior?
Black is the dominant gene
call to stop supporting Asians

Jamie Mack starts off the show talking about how messed up it is that George Bush is getting so much credit in the recent 9/11 remembrance videos. Why is he being treated like a hero?
I have a problem with all of the coverage, period. The 14th year has shown an incredible amount of coverage. Why are we bringing this up so much every year? Doesn't this pain the victim’s families? Is this just a news ploy to get eyes on their network?
It won’t be long until we have a national holiday where we barbecue and get the day off. People will literally be celebrating the death of Americans. Chris Rock called it on SNL.
Jaye Smooth feels like we should never forget. We have to honor the lives of the people who died. Propaganda much?
Next, we talk about a video where a teacher tells us that she is teaching her kids that black is the dominant trait and therefore any person who mixes with black at all, is black. Jaye Smooth agrees with her….Of course. Me and Jamie Mack find it a little hard to believe such strong claims about something that happened so long ago. If everything that has a drop of black in it is black, and the first woman was black…How are there any other races?
Last we discuss a video from a young lady who is very upset about how Asians in her old neighborhood do not take care of the community. She wants them to keep the neighborhood clean. She wants black people to stop supporting their stores. Where else will I buy my weave?
The remedy to me is that black people need to provide great service and have great products and we will support them....


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