You are currently viewing Are You REALly watching REALity TV? #TNNS55

Are You REALly watching REALity TV? #TNNS55

Jaye Smooth starts the show off revealing his self-hatred after seeing a picture of his profile.  His new quest is to change his food culture. The crew chime in and give opinions on how he can accomplish his new goal.

Jaye Smooth and Snowflake battle it out in No Nonsense Trivia. Who will win? You will have to listen to find out. But I promise the result is not what you think.

Jamie mack comes back after the intro and wants to discuss why our culture is so caught up in pop culture. Do we really long to be like reality stars? I find it hard to believe that anyone wants to be Honey Boo Boo or a Love And Hip Hop cast member. But If that is the case, how are these shows on the air? Are these people worth the time?

On the lips of Kim Kardashian, we devolve the conversation to sex. But this is just more evidence that Americans are caught up with “may be” celebrities. In this case, Kim went from being a closet organizer to being Kanye’s wife. You too can be celebrity overnight.

Someone on the show tells a story about being propositioned for oral sex from a celebrity.

Do meat curtains or anteaters scare you? This next topic will keep you up at night. Everyone disagrees on what makes an attractive sexual organ. O Dub makes a completely racist statement about genitals. Snowflake is delusional about how well she knows vagina.

Lastly, Jamie Mack has a heart to heart about watching gay television programming. He is battling whether or not watching these types of shows hurts his heterosexual legacy. Although we are joking with Jamie Mack, Jaye Smooth and O dub make sure everyone knows they are straight by bashing gay people. Homophobics unite....


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