Are You Eat People Crazy Or Regular Crazy? #TNNS314

Are You Eat People Crazy Or Regular Crazy? #TNNS314

Jaye Smooth denies ever getting any money from the March of Dimes foundation. Jamie Mack’s kids have the choice between frozen or frozen for dinner. French Reggy has never known a world without microwave ovens. Welcome to The No Nonsense Show.

Jamie Mack wants to talk about a world full of crazy people. We all have a degree of shadiness, but how did we get that way? Is crazy contagious or genetic? In which ways has crazy become normal? In my opinion, most of us are walking around with some degree of PTSD. At the least, someone in our life has driven us to the extreme edges of sanity.  French Reggy jumps out of the window and offers his philosophy on birth and the stars. Conversation over.

French Reggy wants to discuss the country’s new fascination with tearing down statues of old Americans. He doesn’t agree with the idea of judging leaders from the past based on the morals of today’s society. Are you familiar with J Marion Sims? He lived-in the mid-1800s and frequently used balk women as patients against their wills to come up with many of today’s procedures. Based on the time, black people were not seen as equal. Many developments came from the discoveries. Should we judge him by today’s standards or yesteryear's?

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