Anti Deadbeat Dad Law #TNNS389

Episode #389

Jamie Mack has been having crazy dreams. French Reggy wants to know if they are wet dreams. Jaye Smooth has had wet dreams, but it was pee. He also must spread his legs during masturbation. As much as I want to, I cannot just let this pass. By the way, if you hear a distant voice in this episode, it is my son. He dropped by and didn't get on a mic. But our debate got so heated, you will hear him chime in. Moving on, Jamie Mack has been tested in his dreams recently. Luckily he held strong and didn't give in to temptation.

Next, we discuss the possibility of an anti-deadbeat dad law. Women can lawfully drop their kid off at their nearest hospital or orphanage. However, a man could ask a woman not to have a child and then owe 18 years worth of support whether or not they are ready and willing. We decide that there may be negative repercussions to this law. We look forward to your thoughts in our comments.

Jamie Mack thinks we are just sophisticated computers. How can we get outside of our programming? Is mental illness just a sign of a breakdown in the program?...


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