You are currently viewing …What Anal Sex Toys Smell Like #TNNS260

…What Anal Sex Toys Smell Like #TNNS260

…What Anal Sex Toys Smell Like #TNNS260

Jaye Smooth had a sex toy mishap in a woman’s anus but didn’t tell the person he was using it on until much later. So after toxic shock syndrome set in, she finally figured out that he has no idea what he is doing. She had to save her own life and remove the toy on her own. He was so terrified that he was going to have to accompany her to the ER, that he was hoping that him ignoring it would make it go away. Luckily everything worked out, but surprisingly, he wasn’t sure why the toy smelled like booty. What in the world does he think it is supposed to smell like? Further evidence that Jaye Smooth is really a virgin.

NathinNice joins us for Music Trivia. Jaye Smooth commits to the fullest and since I saw the playlist, I am disqualified. So the chance to win is up in the air.

Jaye Smooth hates midgets. But did you also know that he hates cripple people as well. You would think that since he just got over a serious leg injury, he would have sympathy and empathy. Had you heard the noises he was making when we took him home from the hospital, you would completely think so. Nonetheless, he noticed a very cripple person walking down the street and only contemplated picking him up for a few seconds. Somehow, par for the course, we move from that to a pretty interesting and then disrespectful midget talk. Vegas needs to set odds on Jaye marrying a midget.

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