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An Apple A Day, Is This Doctor Gay #MLL045

Music Love Life
Music Love Life
An Apple A Day, Is This Doctor Gay #MLL045

Episode #45

The Married 2 medicine mistress is asking for pennies on the punany according to Christal. Infidelity usually comes with an expensive price tag but Greg Lunceford’s mistress is not only misinformed but she is also ignorant in the terms of negotiating the forbidden fruit. Kevin and B-Honest try to object but after hearing the mistress requested a measly $1500 Kevin suggests quickly paying cash and getting an NDA on deck. Still after discovering the good doctor hasn’t slept with his wife in 2 yrs, the crew begin to speculate on which team he plays for. B-honest isn’t surprised by the ATL super bowl snub and is actually looking forward to seeing Maroon 5. Christal wants OutKast, Usher, and TLC — but the guys are certain she isn’t at all objective.

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  1. Juli

    Oooh I love the way my husband smells when he comes home from work!!! Guess that’s love!

  2. Juli

    Maybe he’s bisexual and Quad was turned off by that

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