American Born, Bred, And Dead #TNNS392

Episode #392

We quickly flashback to last week's live show. I have to make sure we understand the weight of what happened. Jaye Smooth takes this opportunity to make it about him. French Reggy lets it be about him. Reggy is coming with the jokes these days. I guess he understands that you must strike first. Anyway, Jaye Smooth recently found out that he is an a*hole at work. Isn't it funny that he always calls me that but all of his coworkers need him to be nicer. Jamie Mack brought the worst alcohol this week. Smirnoff 100 proof is akin to isopropyl.

I have been hearing so much complaining about the way people feel about this country. Every day, I wake up to so many people with a new idea of why America isn't great. Okay, smart people, where do you want to go? Anywhere you want. Yeah, most people aren't leaving. But now that you are back in your seats, what would it take you to give up? There has to be something that would push you over the limit. Something that would actually make you say...ENOUGH! Not the kid. I was born American and will most likely die American....


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