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Always Judge a Book by its’s Cover

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Always Judge a Book by its's Cover

The No Nonsense Show Episode #788

French Reggy won the Slack Fantasy Football last year. This year his “team” is letting him down. I can’t believe that so many people take this fantasy stuff so seriously.

Mack channels his inner Jaye Smooth and wants to talk about cliche’s. He wants to know which cliche’s ring true. Which ones are still relevant in today’s climate? I suggest that you always judge a book by it’s cover. And just for the record both French and MAck both think that women should quit their B*t***n and get their A** in the kitchen.

Kit joins us on the episode because French brought up all guys being good at sex again. Neither Mack or I can answer that, we brought her in to stick up for Reggy…BUT NOPE!

Mack is considering doing a pappa makeover. He is wondering how he will be judged? Man, who cares what these weirdos thin of you.

Did you know that scientists have already successfully created a “mini” big bang? If you ever doubted us being in a simulation, this should settle the question.

Always Judge a Book by its’s Cover #TNNS788

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