Alone In A Room Full Of People #TNNS461

Alone In A Room Full Of People #TNNS461
The No Nonsense Show

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Baylor The Great shows up to kick it with his network brothers, and we don’t siappoint. Jaye Smooth tells a really long story, but no worries, I am there to make sure we move along. Bottom line…if you catch your mom or dad cheating, are you telling on them? That would be the hardest phone call or sit down.

Next, Jamie Mack brings up a video making its way around social media of a woman streaming live when it appears she gets raped. This is all happening inside a club on the dance floor. She is unable to get anyone’s attention to help her. As polarizing as these topics are, it is necessary for us to discuss them. Even if you feel as though our discussion is one sided, it still needs to be considered as a side. But, and this is a big but, this particular incident is a tough one. Prior to us recording, I hadn’t seen the video. Even as I write this, I have only seen clips. Regardless, it is difficult to watch. We have many questions. Some are valid. And I can certainly understand why many have been brought to tears in just the few moments I have seen. No matter what you believe about this video, it is time that men and women have a talk about consent.

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