You are currently viewing Almost Mostly Black Power #TNNS78 with guest, Dan

Almost Mostly Black Power #TNNS78 with guest, Dan

Jamie starts the show off with how nasty most people are. He witnesses a young boy in a restaurant put his hands in his hind parts and then touch every fountain soda nozzle before figuring out which one he wanted. This combined with the adults he has seen use the public restroom and never even look at the soap or sink to wash their hands, have brought him to the point of being a germaphobe (mysophobia). Somehow this morphs into Jamie being upset with men wanting to bro-hug with him. He is now just giving out pounds. Jaye Smooth wants to talk about a guy giving him a bro hug and then giving him a kiss on the cheek. Huh???

Next, we discuss the ability to be in a monogamous relationship. Is it possible for humans to handle this without issue? Is it even natural for humans to be with one woman or man for their entire lives? Have any of you ever been in a relationship where neither one of you have cheated?

Next, we get serious and discuss the protests in Baltimore. Do you agree with a peaceful or riotous protest? We discuss Toya Graham, the mother that snatched her son from the front lines of the protests. How do you feel about her “heroic” actions?

We discuss black power and its inability to allow anyone who doesn't agree or support 100% of the ideas and ideals of the leaders. Can you be black power without hating white people? What if you are not 100% black? Can you support black power as a biracial person?

Because Jaye Smooth can’t stay underwater this deep for very long, we have to come up for air. We place our bets on the Mayweather vs Pacquiao. This show will not air until after the fight is over. Let's see how good we did....


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