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All The Excuses In The World Not To Use A Condom #TNNS54

We want to thank everyone who made it possible for us to reach 5,000 downloads. But we have finally surpassed 5,000. None of us had any experience before doing this show and now we feel like with your support we are getting better every day.

On this show, we continue our Trivia Battle. I go up against Jaye Smooth. Can Jaye Smooth finally get more than one answer correct? Will he beat anyone? Download the show!

Condoms were simultaneously the best and worst invention at exactly the same time. The only thing worse than bad sex is good sex with a piece of latex in between you and the goodness. Apparently, there was some type of contraceptive devices similar to condoms back in Ancient times. The first modern use was in the 1500’s in Italy. Since then, no major advancements have been made to how it feels to wear a condom.

Do you wear condoms? If so, how soon do you stop using condoms? Do you let some people get by without using condoms? And if you use them, do you have unprotected oral sex?

Next, we discuss the allure with being in a gang. Why in the world would anyone give all of themselves for a cause that in most cases doesn't serve its members? I am not even a supporter of fraternities. It would be a really far stretch for me to join a gang.

Luckily Atlanta didn't have a gang epidemic while I was a teenager. But now there probably isn't a city in America without some type of gang activity.

During one of our intermissions, we got into an argument about relationships. Is it possible to have a relationship that has two people giving equal effort? Is it okay to give 90% of one thing in the relationship in hopes of the there person giving 90% in another area? Or should you work to get 50/50 in each area to make sure it is equal?...


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