You are currently viewing All My Boys Have Seen Your Sext Messages #TNNS192

All My Boys Have Seen Your Sext Messages #TNNS192

All My Boys Have Seen Your Sext Messages #TNNS192

Jaye Smooth comes to the show fake flirting. Jamie Mack dons a boxing glove to prevent hurting Jaye’s face when he punches him. Just your average day at the No Nonsense Show. We give a blip of silence for the victims in Orlando (Jaye Smooth couldn’t last for a moment). The show certainly doesn’t last a moment before trailing off. ADHD takes us through many topics including, but not limited to: White people hating OJ Simpson; Jaye looking for support on; and gay ghosts.

Next, we open up the floor for our listeners to submit their pet peeves. With so many annoying things in the world, we knew that complaining would be easy.

Jaye Smooth thinks that there are women out here that still have standards…but not many. He admits to purposely getting women to send him nudes to test their standards. Many fail, some in the first few conversations. Regardless you must know that if Jaye gets ahold of your nude picture, he will show all of his friends.

After this we find it fitting to figure out who is the most eligible candidate to be with Jaye Smooth, HIs biological clock has begun ticking and the battery is low....


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