Ain’t No Bi-Guy

Ain't No Bi-Guy

Episode #535 Jaye Smooth ponders on why a woman would fall for a guy that says he is bisexual. Under no circumstances should a woman be with a guy that is willing to go in either direction. He fears much of what seems like stereotype to me. We have no choice but to look at his past episodes to determine if he is speaking from the truth her can’t tell or his hate for the inability to make a choice. Lord Snooty joins us to parse through the data.

If you haven’t listened to RareSonance Monday, you may not know that KingKunta and I have a show called Black on Both Sides. Kunta drops by to have a quick discussion. Smooth hates it when I have other friends and lashes out.

Ain’t No Bi-Guy #TNNS535

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