After Sex, Wash That Sin Off Of Your Body #TNNS433

After Sex, Wash That Sin Off Of Your Body #TNNS433

Episode #433

Jaye Smooth is offended because we started the Tuesday show without him. Why hasn't anyone let him know that he isn't the star? You would think after 4 years, he would finally get it. Do more people miss Smooth or O Dubb. I know for a fact that Jamie Mack would prefer Smooth. Smooth has never threatened to make his woman seizure. Mack is obviously still a little salty over the challenge.

Moving on.

Seems like most people in the Slack and in the world do not wash themselves off after sex. What? Running water is installed in most homes these days. So why in the world would you just lay in sin? Wash that sin off of your body. At least warm rag it like Jaye Smooth. Although it is true that sex attracts sex, this is just nasty. I don't want to know how your girl smells when she bumps nasties.

Jamie Mack wants to know if we would rather have a great wife or a great mother. I can't choose. Nobody wants a deadbeat mom. But how can you accept a deadbeat wife? I may have to play the selfish side this time and just hire a nanny. Jaye Smooth says "what wife"?

Jaye Smooth is claiming his girlfriend these days. Seems like we can't go a show without him mentioning it. Has the dog caught fleas? Not what we are supposed to be talking about. He wants to know if there is a difference between blessed and lucky. Of course, there is. Lucky is real. Blessings are ridiculous. You probably left cookies for Santa last year.


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