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After 10 Years I Don’t Want To Hear About Your Day – Pillow Talk

Family vacation
Things you can say to your woman after 11 years
MMeekMill vs Drake

Getting pregnant by your best friend's dad
Kit and I perform our perfect duet on the  show today. We are just getting back from our family vacation and want to make sure you get a show. We stalk about how bugs can ruin a vacation.
Next we hear from our favorite caller. Me and Kit briefly discuss our response to the voicemail and then somehow fall into a conversation about the new things I am comfortable telling her.
I tell my wife what new abilities I have in our relationship of 11 years. I try to get her to reveal what new things she has discovered in our relationship. She declined.
We move this to the how weak Meek Mill’s participation has been in this “beef” between he and Drake ( We recorded this just before Meek released his diss rebuttal ). Drake for the win. Light skin dudes are definitely back.
Last we read another Drama From A Follower. This one is a real mess. Best friends that become related by marriage and children being born. Messy, messy, messy....


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