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The No Nonsense Show Episode #791

French is still bad at intros. But at least he still maintained his Herculean ability to abstain from masturbation. Perhaps, we need listeners to write in and supply him with some topic ideas.

Speaking of still, Mack is still racist. At least he finally understands why. Chances are you will still hate him after you hear why. Meanwhile women are still not willing to be held accountable for damn near everything. I have an idea for a new viral moment…Ladies…Please?

Mack is feeling the inability to block out the noise. His brain can only resist programming for so long. And he is old school. Just imagine how these youngsters are feeling it.

There are a lot of coincidences at the top of the health and safety pyramid. I don’t know what this information means. But it needs to be said and heard. Especially in the current world’s climate.

#AccountabilityChallenge #TNNS791

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