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Accepting Favors From Gay Dudes #TNNS66

Jamie Mack starts the show off talking about how much we have grown to trust external things. Since when are we so trusting that we keep our music, pictures, and documents in the cloud?

He also shows his dissatisfaction with parents naming their kids after drinks and cars. Stop trying to be so creative. Your kids are going to have to live with this name for the rest of their life.

Next Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth battle on the most complex No Nonsense Trivia thus far.

Jaye Smooth wants to discuss women going out with full intention to let guys buy them drinks. Is my money somehow better for buying drinks? As if I didn't have to work to earn my money also.

What it turns out to be is Jaye Smooth hoping to ambush me with some old story of two gay guys offering me favors at retail. Oh, wait! That's not true. Both situations were actually set up for Jaye Smooth to receive favors. This yet again proves that he is just dying for someone to pull him out of the closet. It pains him to be crouched in there for so long. But this isn't the time. He chooses to stay in the closet a little longer, no matter how uncomfortable.

Back to the original topic, we disagree about whether your woman should accept drinks from guys when she is out.

Next, we discuss whether or not love is enough. Since the beginning of modern culture, people have been falling in love. This results in spending lots of time together and eventually settling down. Once the initial puppy dog love wears off, will regular love keep you together?

Finally, Jamie Mack wanders back to yesteryear when he was old enough to have sex but still too young to have his own place. He wants to know how we all feel about our kids having sex in our houses. Does it differ if it is a boy or a girl?

I almost forgot. Jaye Smooth takes time out to give this episodes version of Friendly Advice....


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