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A Tall Women’s Cup Of Reality #BOBS050

Black On Both Sides
A Tall Women's Cup Of Reality #BOBS050

Episode #50

Happy 4th of July. I am proud to be an American. I think Kunta is too, even though he pretends to hate it. I worked the Friday after. Kunta worked the Friday after. Im guessing that most people did. If they were to tally up how many hours were dedicated to actually work, the stock market would have crashed. Kunta is so excited to report that the Trump celebration was a disaster. This included Trump spitting off of the dome when his teleprompter stopped working. The only thing funnier than a normal Trump speech is a freestyle.

Luckily my cohost was not devoured by a large land opening during last weeks earthquake. I forgot to check on him. So we are all lucky that he showed up for work today. He had to come to the show to make his claim that women’s soccer players should be payed as much if not more than mens soccer players. No. Way. Point blank and period. Women’s sports, especially soccer is exciting, but does not get nearly enough impressions to warrant increase in pay.

Why are white people mad that a black girl is playing Ariel in the new Disney live action Little Mermaid? Ariel is not a real person. She is a mermaid. She has no race. And give Stevie Wonder the damn kidney. He is a musical genius.

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