A Perfection Of Sister Wives #TNNS488

Episode #488

If it hadn't kicked in on Tuesday's show, trust that it has by the Friday show. In fact, for the majority of the show, Smooth was not even in the studio. He was detoxing out in the other room with Kit. She was talking him off of the roof. He thought he could fly.

Mack and I try to figure out the issue with sister wives. Who is messing this thing up? The men or the women? I know that the simple answer is that men say stupid things to mess it all up. But I always try to find a way to blame the woman. You're welcome. This is the No Nonsense Show. This may be the last location for unadulterated masculinity. But back to your preciously scheduled toxicity. We invented a term that describes two or more sister wives. A group of lions are a pride. A group crows is a murder. A group of sister wives is a Perfection.

Let me ask you this..Out of the 5 of us...French and O Dubb included...Who would make the best husband for a Perfection of Sister Wives?


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