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A More Convenient Raid #BOBS54

Black On Both Sides
A More Convenient Raid #BOBS54

Episode #54 Shorter is obviously better. Kunta admits that I would be better suited for a Cross-Fit Championship than he would. I believe this is true in life overall. But at least we know that we are actually better athletes. If better rappers is your things, why haven’t you picked up that new Lizzo record? I will tell you why…Because you probably have no idea who she is. I didn’t. Either way she wants to be respected among the greats. Like Future and Sway Lee.

Trump takes a strange photo with a baby whose parents were murdered in the El Paso massacre. Oddly, he and his wife are smiling eerily in the shot. I can’t make sense of this. Kunta was hoping I had a good argument for Trump. I had none. But what we can argue on is a comfortable and convenient ICE raid. Mississippi is the latest ground zero for an ICE raid and they chose to do it just after parents dropped off their children at school. Kids have to go to school. Kunta is appalled by their timing and tact. Kids go to school in the morning and come home to having no parents. When, I ask, is a good time to be raided? Should we schedule the raids? Let them pick afternoon or morning? Should we just pretend like laws aren’t being broken at all? Is this a felony or a misdemeanor? Why did they let 300 of the detained immigrants go? All of these questions need to be answered.

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