You are currently viewing Once We Finally Pay Off This Wedding, I’m Divorcing You #TNNS213

Once We Finally Pay Off This Wedding, I’m Divorcing You #TNNS213

Once We Finally Pay Off This Wedding, I’m Divorcing You #TNNS213

Jamie Mack starts the show with his frustration towards people who are at the neck of 49ers deep string quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. He didn't stand for the national anthem to begin any of this season’s games. His reasons and related to police brutality and people don’t understand how he can disrespect the country this way. As a veteran, my feelings are that I served so that people have the right to choose whether to stand or not.

We talk about the Olympians standing for casual sex. Apparently, there was a crazy amount of free condoms passed out during this year’s games. Even the gold medalists found time to get it in.

Speaking of the Olympians, we take a moment to shout out our listeners abroad. We really want to hear from our listener in Qatar.

I break up the conversation to complain about our weekend trip to the Georgia mountains. Lots of people pay money to get into the Chattahoochee River on an intertube and slowly rock, walk, wiggle, and push their way down the river. Money well lost.

It seems like Jaye Smooth has caught the marriage bug. He wants to discuss having a big wedding versus going to the justice of the peace. In fact, he really wanted to compare it to just shacking up with somebody. He has used the scientific method to prove that marriages that began with a Justice Of The Peace are 85% more likely to last than a big wedding marriage.

One of our listeners from the Slack room wants to ask Jaye Smooth whether or not he would date a woman that was perfect (except for having a cocked eye). Jaye Smooth is Shallow Hal and doesn’t disappoint when answering this question....


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