6 Weeks Ago, We Were Still Together #TNNS426

Episode #426
Hurricane Florence didn’t do enough damage for Mack to respect it as a natural disaster. I think it did a pretty good job. It killed more people than white cops killed black people this year. But nonetheless, Mack wants more carnage and destruction.
PSA Stop means Stop! ALWAYS!
Did anyone not know that French Reggy is a liar? When asked what he has ever done that he later didn't approve of, he said stole bread. From Boston Market of all places. Have you ever seen a loaf of bread there?
Speaking of liars, we are finally introduced to Mrs.Smooth. Well, not introduced. But he did call her his girl and she did call in.
Jamie Mack wants to know if we would let our woman be best friends with a lesbian. Not a lipstick lesbian but a full on, getting fades at the barbershop, playing 2k19, got a mixtape coming out lesbian. How good is your game?...


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