4 Inches Length, 4 Inches Girth #TNNS215

4 Inches Length, 4 Inches Girth #TNNS215

4 Inches Length, 4 Inches Girth #TNNS215

Jaye Smooth wants to tell us about his weekend. He may or may not have been a part of black gay pride weekend. He did at least run into another man dressed as a woman that he wanted to get a closer look at. He wonders why Jamie Mack forfeited his ability to make so much money driving Uber for the pride surge. He mentions that it would have been easy for him to find some road sex.

I have noticed the moral transformation that Jamie Mack has made since moving to Atlanta. It is definitely worth calling out his success with becoming a true family man with no wishes to return to his previous angry life. We are proud of you, Mack.

Finally, we get to his topic about young people getting tattoos. When we were younger, no one had tattoos in school. Now he sees high school kids with full sleeves and is wondering how we feel about this. I just feel it is best to hold my kids back as long as humanly possible.

We finally convinced Jaye Smooth to join an adult basketball league. I watched him register. So we should really have fun with this. But he wants to talk about giving up our hoop dreams back in the day. I never really believed I could make it based on my height. Jamie Mack tried out for a semi-pro team and learned the hard lesson. Surprisingly, Jaye Smooth had track aspirations for the Olympics. He idolized the lifestyle of Carl Lewis. He thinks that everyone wanted to be Carl Lewis growing up.

Ehhhh. Wasn't he a little bit fun? Jaye likes fun. It works out.



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