300 Cons – What We Learned

300 Cons – What We Learned

300 Cons – What We Learned
The No Nonsense Show

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  1. Twantwizzle

    Lol. Hold on J. Mack. I’m not a smoothie for not wanting him off the show. I don’t even agree with his point of view. Just saying there is always a place for an antagonist on every show. I think you missed when I said keep that short leash on him tho cause if not he will ruin it all in one take. It’s like being a warriors fan. I’m a fan of the show. But he’s youll draymond green. His ways and antics will bring you done if not controlled but you still want green on the team your just not a green fan. And if I’m a smoothie then anyone who said they didn’t want him off the show is one too B honest lol. Now how do I find that slack room. Love the show guys keep it going.

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