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20 Steps Into Bad Korea #BOBS049

Black On Both Sides
20 Steps Into Bad Korea #BOBS049

Episode #49

Kunta joins us the same way Jordan played the “Flu” game…Inebriated. By the time the show started, his shot glasses were stacked. Either way, we pod on. Im not even sure how we got there but we start talking about wrestling. Apparently, Kunta is not just a nerd for comics. He also catches feelings when wrasslers bite it. Yet, he is not offended when a young white woman gets her masters bought by another person.

The DNC debate happened and just like we knew she would Kamala shined. Who doesn’t see the writing on the wall. Crazy Joe is about to be set out to pasture and the future is feminine. Too bad she will most certainly lose to Trump.

Meanwhile, Ivanka is out in the world giving her opinion on matters of the state. Who asked her to? Not I. But Im not a voter. So I blame all of you. Her father is taking steps no American Presidents has since before the Korean War. 20 steps into North Korea and Kunta is minimizing this historic event to a photo opp.

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