2 Inches Less Loving #TNNS421

Episode #421

French Reggy went to Folly Beach...Of course, he did. Of all the beaches on all of the coasts, Reggy finds his way to the most feminine named one. Not news.

But his topic is right in line with this. He wants to know why society is making his young peers soft. He thinks that the shooting in Jacksonville last week was a culmination of the "everybody gets a trophy" culture. Dr. Mack turns all the way up and explains that mental illness is in full effect.

Jamie Mack wants to know how people can be one way in life and another way sexually. In the era of slut shaming, can a woman that dresses provocatively really be a prude in the sack? Vice versa? How can a mild mannered person, do anything when it comes to sex? What the hell is ball-fisting? French Reggy knows. Just more evidence.

Would you be willing to lose two inches of penis for a large sum of money? Is there a cut off (no pun intended) for how much you have to begin with in order to take the 2 inch loss?...


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